Four new lab members!

For the fall of 2017, the HEEL is welcoming four new lab members.

Photographic portrait of Lilian McGill

Lily McGill has joined the lab as part of the QERM program. She will be working with Gordon and Ashley Steel on network models of stream temperature and water isotopes.

Photographic portrait of Elizabeth Elmstrom

Liz Elmstrom is a new SAFS M.S. who will be looking at stream nitrogen cycling using triple nitrate isotopes (among other things).

Photographic portrait of Rebekah Stilling

Beka Stiling is a new M.S. student co-advised by Gordon and Julian Olden.  She will be working on ecosystem effects of fish stocking in high-elevation lakes.


(no picture)

Julia Hart has started as our new lab manager.  She is alos part time working with the Freshwater Initiative on communication and outreach.