Ordering With The Pro-Card


The pro-card may be used to makes purchases that cannot be made through the UW eProcurement system.  The pro-card cannot be used for any travel-related purchases with the exception of pre-registering for conferences.  The maximum value of any one purchase is $3,000; don’t split purchases to get around this.

Practice good posture while pointing and clicking.


  1. Obtain permission from Gordon to use the pro-card for your purchase.
  2. Enter card details as seen below.

Billing Address is: 1122 NE Boat Street, Seattle, WA 98195-5020

  1. Complete your purchase and rejoice.
  2. Forward email copy of your receipt/invoice to Gordon: gholt@uw.edu
  3. Once you have received your items, save all packing slips, invoices, etc. Give them to Gordon.


Download a printable version of this document.

​Author: Julia Hart & Gordon Holtgrieve
Revision date: 28 February 2018